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A birthday surprise that wasn’t a bit expected, at Windflower Prakruthi

A long drive from home and a lunch date were what I knew. But the cloud of suspicion began to get dense when the long drive didn’t seem to end.  The not so short trip, that I had expected, was only long because of traffic, and not at all, because of distance. But what conspired, on a Saturday noon, was quite a divergence, from what I thought. The long, long way didn’t seem to end, it wasn’t the traffic, at its play.

‘Where are we going?’ , ‘Where are we going?’

I kept on asking, while I was starving.

It isn’t right, after all, to make a birthday girl, deprived. As I peeked out from my weary self, what I found out, was a familiar sight. I rubbed my eye and looked outside. I wondered, what I felt was right?

‘Airport Road ?’ ‘The Airport Road?’

Were we heading to the airport, somehow? Full of excitement, I jumped on my seat.

And then, at last, I finally started to talk, with rekindled interest.

‘Are we taking a flight to Goa?’, ‘Or is it Gokarna?’, ‘Andamans it is, isn’t it?’

‘But, what about the luggage?’

Excited, yet irked, I wondered, how long would it finally take, before I could have a dainty morsel to myself. And that’s when finally we entered a boulevard of tall trees, a lovely sight with vivid birds, chirping around in pleasant notes.  It wasn’t the airport of course, but a reclusive yet lovely place, away from the hustle-bustle of city life, en route the airport, Windflower Prakruthi Resort. I looked at the watch and wondered if they would really be serving lunch at this hour. We were, after all, a few minutes late, for the usual lunch timings. I began to wonder, that it was much ado about nothing, but, there was more to it than met the eye.

As the trunk flicked open, the guard took out a suitcase from our car. To my utter dismay, we completed the check-in process. With no regret of missing the lunch, I was already flying on cloud nine.

on cloud nine                                                          Image Credit Flickr, User paparuchas, via CC

And here I am transported to that wonderland, even while writing about it. The nature at its full bloom, greenery and fresh air have a delightful soothing effect on all the senses. The entrance to the reception has a narrow trench with beautiful fish and aquatic plants. It is a true delight for kids and adults alike to pause and gaze at the gorgeous marine life, in this waterway.

The entrance to the reception has a narrow trench with beautiful fish and aquatic plants
Next, we took a stroll around and spotted a few turkeys, sheep and ducks. Seeing the cows and their calf, I was excited enough to feed them a pile of grass. It, indeed, is a true ecstasy to see these animals, in their natural habitat, after being subjected to city life.

As it was time for the high tea by then, so we headed straight for the evening snacks. Lipsmacking samosas with tea cakes and a choice of tea or coffee seemed a lovely treat, by that hour of the day. Energised and refueled, we tried our hands on archery, played some cricket and basketball, in the open air. Apart from that, they offer a lot of group, as well as, individual activities. The indoor activities include carrom, TT, snooker, foosball.

Outdoor Activities for day outing at Windflower Prakruthi

They offer rackets and shuttle for badminton, but do not have a badminton court and a gymnasium. They also boast an outdoor swimming pool which we could not use, as it was crowded by a large group of men, on a team outing trip. It felt good, however, to cycle after a long time, in pristine natural beauty. Tired with all the activity, we retired to our comfy room, for a well-deserved rest. Our studio room, with a private balcony and lush greenery, was more than enough to make time stop.

My room balcony - Windflower Prakruthi Resort Bangalore
While they do offer free wifi and an electronic safe, but they don’t have an iron, hairdryer or the contemporary white towel slipper, in the room. The television also does not have an active connection. However, it did not matter much, as watching TV was the least of our interests, during our stay.

Rejuvenated after some rest, we stepped out for the buffet dinner. The night added charm to the natural beauty around. Dinner spread is fairly good, with some work required on desserts and the live tandoori counter. While back in the room, I was delighted by the surprise birthday cake, sent to our room. Fresh in the morning, the breakfast buffet was really good. The live cart with freshly made customised tea and filter coffee, at breakfast time,  was such a delight.

Tea coffee cart at Windflower Prakruthi

After a wonderful experience, it was time to check out. Pleased with the pleasant staycation at Windflower Prakruthi, I totally recommend it for a weekend break.

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