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The 5 Best Baby Teethers of 2023

Teethers undoubtedly make the teething process, a little less uncomfortable and a lot more enjoyable,  for the baby. The best baby teethers, not just, relieve the teething pain but also help in a lot of other ways.

With a lot of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming for new parents to choose the right teether for their baby. So here is a list of, one of the best teethers available, to help you pick the right one.

5 best teethers of 2023, for the growing needs of your growing baby.

  1. One of the all time favourites: Sofie La Girafe

Sofie La Girafe is one of the most loved teething toys, worldwide, which is now available in India. It is made of 100% natural rubber and has foodgrade paint. The cute little giraffe is sure to catch your child’s attention and babies love to chew its legs, neck, ears, and stomach, alike. It is lightweight, easy to grip and it squeaks too, which is a lot of fun for the baby.

2. Natural Teethers and Teething foods

Many parents in India, prefer to use carrots as a baby teether, once the baby is 9-10 months old. All you need to do is wash and peel the carrot. Cutt and give the thicker part of the carrot to chew on. However it is advised to use a carrot for teething and chewing purposes, only under adult supervision.

3. Feeding Teethers

It is a great idea to introduce feeding teethers, once the baby turns 6 months old, and is ready to transition to semi solid foods and fruits. You can fill the teethers with cold or even frozen fruits such as apple, banana, pomegranate, or veggies and offer to the baby to chew on.

This is an easy way to introduce new foods to the baby to nibble on. It is not just a good teether, but also a great way to introduce tasty new foods to the baby.

4. Wheat and Jaggery Teething sticks

These Ajwain & Jeera teething sticks, made from organic ingredients are a wholesome teething solution for kids. It is also available in Ragi and millet variants. It is very hard and hence, ideal,  to be used as a teether for babies. You can also dip it in milk to soften so that the baby can eat them too, once introduced to solid foods.


5. Rattle Teethers are one of the best one for multi-sensory stimulation

Organic Wood Teethers

This organic Neem Wood teether is a great toy to chew on, as Neem wood is antibacterial and antifungal by nature. It is smooth to touch, easy to grasp for babies, promotes oral hygiene, and also boosts immunity.


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