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Hi.. I am Anu and roughly like 90% of the 90s kids, I too am an engineer.  I am sure that just like me, the other 89.99% also did engineering to attain Nirvana, find a good job and live happily ever after.

But did that happen to me?

Well, to start with I got an education that mattered, like learn to participate in mass bunks, go out for movies or Sukhna lake during college hours and of course to manage a celebrity lifestyle.

But ask my college friends and they would swear that this did not come easy at all. It took me 3 years and two accidents to come out of my studious self and discover the real meaning of life.

Finally, I did sort out my life and got placed in 2 corporates (let’s call them Firm A and Firm B) by the end of my college. But, obviously I had to choose one of them and it was a no brainer. I chose firm B – the one with a lesser package, but with an office in Chandigarh, my very own city beautiful.

Now before you think I chose firm B only because it had an office in my home town and I was afraid of getting homesick, let me clear your misconceptions. I was not so dumb after all!! I did a thorough financial analysis and worked out that working with firm B would mean a higher net saving after accounting for the cost of living, rents, etc. associated with joining firm A (which offered higher salary but in a non-home city)

So I just had to go to  Mysore, get trained in a breathtakingly beautiful world-class campus for a few months, make some lovely friends and come back to join my office in Chandigarh. Sorted. Right?

But then, I got posted in Pune right out of the comforts of Mysore and had to start fending for myself. Well, I felt truly, madly, deeply unsorted but gradually found solace in my work,  friends, life and of course a new quest – to do an MBA.

Next, I found myself daydreaming in Accounts, Finance and OB lectures, in a rollercoaster ride called MBA. That’s when I found solace in marketing discussions, group assignments, hostel life, close buddies and of course F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Only then this time around, life played a different googly on me.


Well, I should blame 3 Idiots for it. Come placement season and two of my close friends really, really, really wanted to join Firm B, my erstwhile employer. Now that’s a really good company, but I just wanted to explore different opportunities and experience new workplace culture in a different firm, this time around.  But my friends had a crazy daydream and made me fall for it too – the three of us working together as colleagues in the same firm, sharing the same apartment in the same city and sort of put our friendship at stakes. I had to go for it.

Guess what? I got a job in firm B again but the two of them didn’t. And later they landed themselves in roles, that precisely matched my dream job.

Not just these instances, but each and every time when I finally get to the eureka moment of being sorted and having figured it out all – it somehow gets unsorted again and again and again.

Professionally or personally, in career or relationships, hobbies or even household chores – the unsorted feeling resonates everywhere, from time to time. Life happens, in spite of my perfectly sorted foolproof plans.

Infact, its like Murphy’s law playing a game of musical chairs where the unsortedness simply shifts its place from one chair or one aspect of life to another and so on. And this is also how the wings of Happily Unsorted spread naturally from parenting to travel to health and so on.

So, if you identify yourself with being unsorted in any area of your life, don’t fret!!

Just take a deep breath and be “Happily Unsorted”

Accept change and be – Gladly, Merrily, Happily Unsorted.

Lots of love,

Anu | xoxo

PS: Are you Happily Unsorted too? I am sure you’ll love this short read, about the changes that make you Happily Unsorted  – ‘Thoda Adjust Kar lo Na‘ :):)

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  1. Just wow…. Luv it… Happily unsorted… Keep writing and readers like me will surely find peace.. Thank you

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