Thoda adjust kar lo na

Thoda adjust kar lo na.

We are often forced to adjust, because, given a choice, no one would rather choose to adjust. But come March of 2020, and we were forced to adjust to a new reality, all at the same time. And it is not a surprising fact, that we all adjusted differently.

    • Some meditated daily, while some complained regularly.
    • Some looked at the bright side, while some at the opposite side.
    • Some transformed into their better selves while some into their upset selves.

But does that make one a hero, the other a zero?

Between the hero and the zero, there are also the 50 shades of grey. With different hues and different blues, we have the few or call them some. They bridge the gap between black and white, they are the ones who form the bulk.

You know them well. Don’t you?

They are the common regular ones. Not heroes, not zeroes, but the average ones. They did a little of some things on a few days, and they did a little of other things on a few days.

You know the reason. Don’t you?

We all hear it on most days. We even say it on some days. Adjust, adapt, accommodate.

So when things don’t go quite your way, you must not fret, well, it’s a must. As when the mighty storm comes, the trees which fall, are also some. The ones who face it headstrong.  They do not budge they do not yield.

The ones who survive the mighty storm, are also some, the resilient ones.

So, when you land in an uncertain zone – the unexpected, the unsorted one, adjust to adapt to the new land. But as you do, you must not forget to find your comfort in a few things, your personal and exclusive ones.

It could be sweets on some days, while healthy food on other days.

It could be a doubt on certain days, but certainly faith on other days.

And as you adapt to the new truth, just find your new comfort zone. Its not the same, as my zone. It’s your personal exclusive zone. For some its same, for others different, for some its 50 shades of grey.

So, adapt in your own way, do things that make it easy for you.

Just binge on sweets on some days, while eat healthy the other days.

Do skip your workout on a few days, while you work out hard on other days.

And do your chores on most days, but take a break on a few days.

You learn some new skills on some days and take a chill pill on other days.

And even if you do it the other way around, don’t lose your mind, don’t lose your heart.

You know the reason. Don’t you?

Well if you don’t then let me say, ‘Thoda adjust kar lo na!’

Its wiser to just come through, then lose yourself half way.

Adjust in your own way, your personal and unique way.

And as you do, you find some joy, some peace, and some happiness, in all the unsorted bewilderment.

You find yourself; you evolve with it. It may not be a perfect way, but as you pass this unsorted stage, you become the happily unsorted one.

So come what may, the fire, the storm, or could it be a windy blow.

Remember the golden magical words – ‘Arey, Thoda to adjust kar lo na!’

What do you think? Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts below. If you like and resonate with the idea of ‘Happily Unsorted’, don’t forget to read and find out, why I call myself Happily Unsorted.

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16 thoughts on “Thoda adjust kar lo na”

  1. Once again, you are a great inspiration, motivational writer. I fall in that 50 shades of grey and yes you explained it so beautifully. Keep writing.. Long way to go!!

    1. Thank you so much Ankita 🙂 Really happy and humbled to read your kind words. Super glad that you liked it 🙂

  2. I like the way you put different ways ppl adjusted… Nicely put Anu, as always! Sending you love and hugs!!

  3. Dr.Pranava Bharti

    Thoda Adjust Kar lo Na
    Is always in life n v.natural as well v.essential.The other name of life is adjust only.We might be anywhere,in family or the office , without adjstment nothing works.
    Dear Anu,you have clear thoughts.Go on writing.God bless you.
    Dr.Pranava Bharti.
    Hidi writer

    1. Thank you so much Dr. Pranava
      I am really overwhelmed with joy to read your encouraging words. Yes.. you are absolutely right that nothing works without adjustment.
      I am happy that you liked my article. Grateful for your inspiring words. Thank you 🙂

  4. It is very true. From our childhood we are taught to adjust ourselves with our friends, teachers , colleagues. As well as in different seasons ( summer, winter, rainy season, autom, spring etc. ) we have to adjust to be successful, otherwise we face failure.
    So, this is a great funda , ” thoda adjust kar lo”
    I really like it.keep it up. God bless you.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      True that we have to often adjust with different situations. I really like the perspective of adjusting to seasons. We need to adjust and take precautions to keep ourselves safe in all seasons – sunscreen in summers, woolens in winters, mosquitos in summers and rains. And the list goes on.
      Really glad you liked it 🙂

  5. Adjustment is Ist step to towards success. In childhood we are to adjust with school friends, teachers books etc. In our family life, we are to adjust among different relationships. In our social life, we are to adjust with our neighbors, colleagues, bosses and subordinates. We have to create distance between them. In our married life we are to adjust with spouse and in laws in entirely different atmosphere.
    Author is right that “Adjustment is key to success.

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