10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your day

10 quick and healthy breakfast ideas to start your day

Breakfast is an important meal, that kickstarts your day with energy and vitality. Yet, it is a peculiar reality, that 25% of Indians skip breakfast, as per a study. While it may sound intuitive to educate people about the importance of breakfast, it is equally important to understand the common reasons to skip breakfast. While the most common reason is lack of time, not running far behind is ‘too many morning chores’.

So for busy and hasty mornings, here are some quick and healthy breakfast ideas to brisk up the first meal of your day. But for relaxed or lazy mornings too, these delicious and healthy breakfast ideas come quite handy.

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Quinoa, Oats and Brown Rice Mueslihealthy breakfast ideas to start your day

Looking for a shortcut to a healthy breakfast? What would you like to break your overnight fast with? A satiating whole-grain meal (quinoa, oats, brown rice), dry fruits, nuts, or omega 3 loaded seeds like chia, flax, and pumpkin. Name it and they’ve got it.

Yoga Bar Muesli is a concoction of wholesome and healthy ingredients that keeps your stomach full for a long time. It is a treat for your taste buds and health alike, loaded with vital nutrients like fibre, proteins, carbohydrates, Vit E, Omega 3, and much more.

What’s more? There’s no skimping or frugal garnishing when it comes to any of the ingredients. It’s highly loaded with all the healthy superfoods. Just add some milk and enjoy it. In short, this muesli is simply breakfast done right.

Fruit Smoothie

fruit smoothie - 10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your day

Fruits are a good source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and some essential micronutrients. Daily intake of fruits helps in maintaining a healthy gut, which aids in effective digestion. Fruit Smoothie is a refreshing and filling breakfast for a fruity start to your day. So just add your favourite fruits in a blender with some yogurt and chopped nuts. Blend it and make yourself a glass of sheer goodness and a healthy breakfast.

Instant Brown Rice Idli

Brown Rice Idli - 10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your day

Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Idli Mix combines the goodness and fibre of brown rice to Idlis, for a delicious South Indian breakfast, all while skipping the soaking and grinding process. This fibre-rich brown rice idli mix is an easy to cook idli breakfast, which can be prepared by adding either water or curd.

Overnight OatsOvernight oats - 10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your day

Oats are a good source of carbohydrates, fibre, and antioxidants. Overnight Oats is a quick on the go breakfast recipe, which keeps you full and satiated for long. All you need is soak oats in milk overnight, in a jar or bowl, and keep it in the fridge. You can also add chia and flax seeds for taste and their health benefits. Your overnight oats are good to eat in the morning. You can also add strawberry, blueberry, banana or any seasonal fruit, as per liking.

Millet Pancakes

Millet Pancakes - 10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your dayMillets are a healthy and filling way to start your day gluten-free and healthy. They are loaded with essential amino acids, antioxidants, fibre and packed with vitamins and minerals. The Multi Millet Pancake Mix by My Little Moppet is a healthy and nutritious breakfast, which is prepared with love by a mom, who’s also a doctor. All you need to do is, add some milk, and cook the pancakes.

 Instant  Millet Dosa

10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your day Millet Dosa - 10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your day

The Ready to cook Millet Dosa by 24 Mantra Organic is a healthy and nutritious dosa mix to make a quick and healthy breakfast, on a hush morning. You can also try spinach or beetroot flavoured Slurrp Farm Millet Dosa which combines the goodness of vegetables in an instant millet dosa mix. Millet Dosa is a nutritious and healthy breakfast idea, that can be quickly made in dosa or Uttapam style. Just add some curd and your healthy millet dosa batter is ready to cook.

Millet Muesli

Millet Muesli -10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your dayIf you are looking for an easy no-cook millet breakfast, then your search ends here. Monsoon Harvest Millet muesli, with its healthy and mouthwatering flavors, is a healthy, nutritious, and scrumptious way to start your day.

High Protein Chilla

Chilla - 10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your dayStart your day with high protein dal Chillas. Just add some water and optional grated veggies, to cook a quick and healthy breakfast. The Tata Sampann  Multi Dal Chilla Mix and Moong Dal Mix both make delicious breakfast, in very little time. Alternatively, you can also use besan, sattu or mixed flours to cook delicious chillas.

Millet Smoothie

Millet Smoothie - 10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your daySoulfull Millet Smoothie is a jaggery based instant breakfast smoothie mix made of millets, grains, and cereals. Just add it to milk, though you can also mix it in water, and sip on the goodness of your on the go breakfast smoothie.

Ragi Cereal

Ragi Cereal - 10 healthy breakfast ideas to start your day

Ragi or Finger Millet is a highly nutritious cereal grain with essential macro and micronutrients. It is one of the richest sources of calcium. A 100-gram serving of this nutrient-dense millet provides up to 50% of the daily RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of Calcium.

Soulfull Ragi bites are multigrain breakfast cereal, with the goodness of Ragi.  This breakfast cereal very little sugar and no maida, that makes it a quick and healthy breakfast.

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PS: Dear Reader, I hope that you can use these quick and healthy breakfast ideas to spruce up a delicious breakfast, in no time. I have often found myself struggling to look for healthier alternatives to the regular breakfast cereals, available in the market, and have been really glad to discover these healthy breakfast ideas.

The better part though is that they are equally loved by my family too. So, here’s a resolve to never missing breakfast again.

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Also, I would love to know your feedback on these breakfast ideas. So please like, comment and share with your friends, who may be missing breakfast often.

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