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Teether books, mittens, toys, snacks & 4 other types of teethers for babies

Teething can be a tough phase for babies, as it is painful and makes them cranky. Teethers are the most convenient and easiest way to not only relieve the baby from pain and irritation but also to help in the multi-sensory development of babies.

From toys and mittens to books, there are a plethora of exciting teethers, that can be used for babies. These teethers are beneficial in many ways.

There are several important factors to consider while choosing a teether for your baby. Usually, you may end up buying more than a couple of teethers, for different needs of your baby. So, let’s dive into the 8 most popular types of teethers for babies.

1. ISO and FDA certified Teether books

 Teether books are a great way of introducing your baby to the world of books, which are highly engaging, entertaining, and have a lot of textures, patterns, and sound features to keep the child happy and busy.

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2. Teether Mittens

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Teether Mittens are the next best alternative to hands, for baby to chew on, which are firm, durable, and easy to wash.

3. Teether Toys

i. Rattles

Teether Rattle
Teether Rattle

Teether Rattles are great toys that entertain the baby and introduce various shapes, colours, textures to them while keeping them entertained with the rattle sound.

ii.  Animal Figurines

Sofie La Girafe is one of the most popular animal figurine teething toys worldwide, made of organic rubber. Silicone Animal Teethers are also widely used and preferred by parents and kids alike.

iii. Teething Rings and Silicone Food Toys

 Teething Rings, Keys and silicone food toys in ice cream, pizza pie, and other shapes come in various colours and textures and are widely used.

4. Gel Filled Teethers and Cooling Teethers

 Gel Filled Teethers  and Cooling Teethers come in fun shapes and designs and can be refrigerated for maximum relief in case of swollen gums.

5. Teething Snacks & Foods – wholesome & nutritious teethers

Teething sticks, made from organic ingredients such as whole wheat, ragi, and millet, can be introduced, once the baby is 6 months old. You can also dip it in milk to soften so that the baby can eat them too, once introduced to solid foods.

6. Feeding Teethers

Feeding Teether for fruits and Vegetables
Feeding Teether for fruits and Vegetables

Feeding teethers, can be introduced once the baby turns 6 months old. It is a great way to offer new foods to the baby. You can fill the teether with veggies and fruits such as apple, banana, pomegranate,  and give it to the baby to chew on.

7. Soft Spoon as a Teether

A soft spoon can also be used for the dual purpose of feeding and teething, for the baby.

8. Travelling Teether Toys for the crib, pram, or car seat

Teethers for Babies

Teether toys that can be tied to the edge of the crib, car seat, pram, or even on the baby’s hand are quite convenient for travelling. Alternately, you can also use a teether clip that can be attached to the baby’s clothes, when travelling.

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