when to start potty training

When to start potty training? – 15 Signs and 7 important things to know

When to start potty training is an important first step to know about, before actually starting the potty training journey. Starting too early, even before the child is ready, only leads to frustration and disappointment for both the parent and the child.

So it is really important to know and understand – when is the right time to start the potty training?

7 Things to know before you start Potty Training

when to start potty training? - 7 things to know

1. Check for signs of readiness to know- when to start potty training your toddler

Just like irritation is a sign that the child wants to sleep, and sucking the thumb means the child is hungry. Similarly, there are signs that the child is ready to be potty trained. As parents, we just need to keep a keen eye and observe, to know exactly when to start potty training.

When to start potty training - 15 signs to know

We can start with potty training, as soon as the child shows the first sign of awareness for the pee and poop time.

2. What if the signs were there, but you missed to notice

It is important to be watchful because, whatever the signal, it’s only there for a limited time. And if you somehow fail to take notice, the child may after some time get distracted or even move on to the regular activity or behavior.

This may make things difficult for you in the potty training journey. So keep a watch on those cues, and know the right time to start potty training.

when to start potty training? - 7 things to know

3. Look for potty triggers

Some children may be ready for the poop post sipping lukewarm water, after waking up. However, some may be ready for the poop only after breakfast, the first solid meal of the day. A few kids do potty after their mid-morning fruit meal. Observe the specific fruits that act as a trigger.

Usually, a serving of Papaya, pears, prunes, or figs may help. Try giving different foods to regulate bowel movement and observe what the child likes that may help him/her to finish the daily business.

Still not getting lucky? Some kids may poop in the evening after sipping some lukewarm milk. Observe and note the specific mealtime or foods, which could be a trigger, that urges the child to do potty.

when to start potty training? - 7 things to know

4. Does your child has a potty routine?

Sooner or later, the child may start following a potty routine. Simply put, a routine means that the child begins to poop, roughly at the same time every day. Whatever be the timing or the pattern, it is a good sign if a routine is beginning to develop.

5. Set timing for potty routine, if it is not yet formed

You can still set one, even if the child has not started following a predictable potty routine, yet. You can help your child set a potty routine, by making a note of the triggers that help him/her to poop.

Triggers can be anything like eating a bowl of papaya, drinking lukewarm milk, having a bowl of porridge, or any food that helps to regulate the bowel movement. Once you have made a list of triggers, you can include those specific foods at certain desired timings only, to set a potty routine.

6. Set a visual and clear reminder, that it is  time to poop

One of the most important steps, when forming a new habit is to set clear visual and tactile reminders. So make the child sit on the potty seat, at the same time every day, to help him with a clear visual and tactile reminder, that it is time to poop.

when to start potty training? - 7 things to know

7. Not all days are going to be the same

No matter how much you want things to be predictable and certain, at the earliest, it still takes time, patience, and perseverance, especially with little kids. While your child may like to eat papaya for a few days, they may swear not to put it in the mouth at all, suddenly after one fine day.

Not just that, while some techniques, foods, and triggers work at times, there still may be times when you may be searching for yet another thing that may work. So keep searching for triggers, with an open mind, as you never know when your child may get bored with the things that you have tried repeatedly.

So observe, try, and re-try, without losing heart at all.

Summing Up – When to start potty training?

Once you are ready and set with all these preliminary steps, it is finally time to get into action, by buying the right equipment and taking all the necessary appropriate steps. Potty training is a process, and to get success, it is important to be patient and consistent, throughout.

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