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10 Benefits of Teethers that make them a must-have for babies

Babies literally love to put everything in their mouth – toys, rattles, blankets, clothes, keys, and of course, hands. This is a normal developmental milestone as they start teething.

Munching on different objects encourages awareness, as they move their tongue to bite and chew. This activity lays the foundation for future development and learning.

One of the easiest and safest available options for parents to give to their kids, at this stage, is teethers.  A wide range of teethers in various shapes, colours, and different types can be quite an engaging activity for the baby.

Here are the 10 reasons that make teethers an absolute essential for babies.

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10 Benefits of Teethers that make it a must-have for your baby

1.Relieves and soothes teething pain: Teether is a great way to comfort your baby as sucking and chewing on the teether soothes aching gums

2.It feels great to hold and touch: Helps in tactile stimulation, as the baby touches, feels, chews, and plays with the various textured and shaped teethers.

3. Aids development: Chewing on the teether helps in natural jaw development.

4. Prepares the baby for solid foods: Prepares the baby for the transition from liquid to solid foods, as it encourages the baby to chew.

5. Aids Curiosity and awareness: Exploring the shape, utility, touch, and feel of the teether increases awareness and aids the natural curiosity of babies.

6. Mental stimulation for the babies: It is a great way to keep your baby engaged, mentally stimulated, and busy.

7. Hand-eye coordination and gross motor development: Learning to grasp the teether, holding it, playing with it, and putting it in the mouth promotes both hand-eye coordination and gross motor development in babies.

8. Love the way it looks: Visually exciting and stimulating to see and explore teether toys in different colorful shapes and forms.

9. Fun to play with: Some teethers make a variety of sounds and noises, which is quite entertaining for the child.

10. Makes the child happier: The child is less cranky and happier as it soothes the teething pain.

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