Planning a baby shower to surprise the glowing mom to be? Here’s some handy tips

A surprise baby shower party sounds as fun and exciting for the mom to be, as is for the hosts. It is simply a way to shower your love and blessings for the soon to be mommy and the li’l munchkin inside.

A little secret to make this planning more enjoyable is to involve all or most of the close friends of the new mommy to be. What helps is, that you have plenty of time in hand to find out all your lovely co-hostesses as this is usually celebrated in the last trimester.

So once you are done, just create a WhatsApp group and set the ball rolling. This way, distant besties can be a part of the planning, too. They, also, get enough time to book their flights for the d-day surprise. But if they can’t, then they have lots of time to record a video msg for the soon to be thrown party. This sweet gesture goes a long way, to make the new mom feel special.

So here are some handy tips cum checklist to plan a memorable baby shower.

Surprise Dress – This, as we all girls know, is a tough one. And no matter what anybody suggests, you really need some luck to find that one right dress. So all I would say is to try your luck and check out some beautiful flowy dresses, gowns, or floral outfits on fashion sites. And yes, do not forget to check out your local market and nearby malls.

Accessories- Include a tiara and a ‘Mom to be’ Sash. Top it up with a pretty pair of earrings, add some photo props and there you have all the stuff ready for an Instagram ready baby shower, as well as, a professional maternity shoot.

Baby Shower: accessories and props
Props by Paper Concept

The guest list – The scale of the party depends on whether you want to make it an intimate affair, with few really close friends or make it elaborate. This and the planning stage of finding your co-hostesses can be finalised using the one golden rule, given at the end.

Venue – Catch her unawares by decorating her own home for the party and up the surprise quotient. This one’s really interesting as you decide to sneak into her home, while she’s probably out for a doctor’s consultation or simply hanging out for a few hours. Decorate the house and the main door, and give her a double-take.

Decoration – Get creative with Balloons, pom-poms, or any props that you like, from flowers to dupattas or even lights. If you want to have a theme for the party, then that is also a good way to go.

Surprise Note & Bouquet- While you have already rooted her to the spot, give a surprise note and a  bouquet. Capture the prized moment.

Food – The lovely hostesses may plan a potluck and bring a dish each if the mommy to be, likes home-cooked food. However, there is always an option to order food, thanks to Zomato and Swiggy. Take your pick from Italian, continental, Indian or any of her favourite cuisines. You can also spice up things with a desi chat inspired menu, just like we did.

Cake – Yes, we talked about food. But a cake requires a special mention. Isn’t it? So get a photo printed cake or search the net and get creative with your cake.


Games- Celebrate friendship with games like Truth and Dare, Chinese Whisper, Dumb Charades or anything that raises the fun quotient.

Golden Rule- To make things work discreetly, it is important to have some inside help. So here is the golden rule that makes all of the above work. Yes, you need to have the husband or another family member, by your side, in full confidence. This is the only way to getting the secrets revealed, the keys of the house to sneak in and finally execute your plan.

The most important thing – As we move to the end, its time to clean up and clear the space. Of Course, we don’t want our guest of honour to be the maid of honour, after we leave. So all the hostesses can quickly pack or dispose of the leftover food and clean the space. All this, of course, while taking some selfies. So tune into the ‘Clean Up’ song and make it a fun thing to do.

2 thoughts on “Planning a baby shower to surprise the glowing mom to be? Here’s some handy tips”

  1. Priyanka Tripathi

    Super Like!! I was looking for ideas to celebrate my bhabhi’s baby shower and stumbled across this. I really liked your idea of recording the special message for the mommy. Especially in the current scenario, this is just the right thing, and will definitely be doing it. It will be a small affair and I really liked your tips 🙂 Love to you 🙂

    1. Aww.. thank you so much. I am really glad you found it useful. Lots of love to the mommy to be and the Lil munchkin. Take Care

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