Virtual Birthday Party

How to host a memorable Virtual Birthday Party?

A birthday is special and the most awaited day of the year, for every kid. And no amount of coaxing, cajoling, or persuading could convince your child to forego this celebration. After all, that’s the day of princess-ly / prince-ly charm, regal gifts, and stately treats. But little did we know that birthdays in 2020, would in no way be close to what we may have expected.

So now you are at home and probably can’t invite your friends to a party. But it is still possible to have a memorable fun-filled celebration with a virtual birthday party. So let’s get started with our very real, yet, virtual birthday planning.

Party Invitation for your child’s friends

Designing and making the invitation card sets the mood for the birthday party. You can use CanvaEvite, or Greenvelope to design the card.

Let the fun begin as you invite your child’s friends for a virtual party over Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or a Facetime group. Also, share the invite with grandparents and close ones, as they will love watching their grandchild have fun and enjoy.

birthday invite for a virtual birthday party

Begin the day with a surprise – Decoration, the heart of any celebration

Let your child wake up to a beautiful surprise and know that it’s going to be a special day indeed. The amazing morning sets the mood for an awesome day. It is delightful to see your child’s reaction and record it too.

Hang colourful streamers from the bedroom door onwards to the living room, where the virtual party will happen. Put foil curtains at the bedroom door, decorate the room with balloons, place cutouts of your child’s favourite theme based characters like jungle theme, Minnie Mouse, Frozen, or any theme that fascinates your child.

Go overboard with decoration in the living room or the room, where the virtual party is planned with theme-based hanging swirls, birthday banner,  pom-poms, and foil balloons, and multi-coloured balloons.

Virtual Birthday Party Decoration

Don’t forget the cake

There isn’t a birthday without cake. Isn’t it? So bake it at home or order from a shop, but a cake is really something that can’t be missed out for your child’s virtual birthday party. The cake is foremost not just for the birthday girl or boy but also, equally important for the kids invited. So order a cupcake or a mini-fruit cake for all the kids.

If delivery is an issue, then you can request the respective parents to arrange/ bake a mini cupcake. But cake cutting should be followed by a yummy treat, for one and all.

Cupcakes for all - Virtual birthday party

Dressing Up is always fun

Dressing Up is always fun. So dress up just like you would have for your child’s birthday party.  All other kids, as well,  are going to love to dress up for their friend’s birthday party. You can also have a dress code, colour code, or a theme, to add more fun to the party or simply dress your best.

Party Menu for the virtual birthday party

Food is the heart and soul of any birthday party. Though you are already preparing your child’s favourite dishes for the meals of the day, yet, it is important to have a menu for the virtual birthday party.

I decided to have French Fries and Cake as the party menu, simply because all kids love french fries. Moreover, its relatively easy for all parents to prepare french fries for their respective tots, for the party. All the kids were highly elated to see each other enjoying the same food, at the party.

French Fries - perfect food for a virtual birthday party

Family Fun with photo props

Create some lovely memories taking pictures with photo props and enjoy some fun family time together.

photo props for the virtual birthday party

Gifts cheer up the mood

Set up a specific area, where you can place neatly wrapped gifts. Take your child there and let her/him open the gifts. You can up the fun by video calling your family/friends, as the child opens their respective gifts.

Real Gifts for a Virtual Birthday Party

Party Fun and Activities

With social distancing and new norms in place, the kids have been deprived of meeting their friends for quite long now. So they are all going to be pleased to meet their friends, even if it is at a virtual birthday party.

To top up the fun and excitement, you can also have some fun activities like dancing or even hire a virtual entertainer for a virtual magic show or puppet show.

Virtual Entertainer for a Virtual Birthday PartyTo Sum Up

A virtual birthday party has its own pros. It is much more fun than we think, has much less work than a real party, and of course is much lighter on the pocket. Moreover, you can use all the extra time to pamper your child and have some quality bonding time with your family.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Since I planned a Zoom virtual party for my child, we could record and save the entire celebration. It’s more special than we could imagine.

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PS: Dear Reader, Hope these ideas help you plan an extraordinary virtual party for your child. I would love to hear your thoughts and help you with any queries that you may have.

I have also put out links to most of the items that I have used in our celebrations. Hope they will be handy for you to check and order any product if you like. Just so you know, Happily Unsorted may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, from the links on this page, if you decide to shop from them.

Also, I would love to hear, ‘how did your virtual birthday party go?’, in the comments below. Please like, comment, and share with your friends planning a virtual party. Wish you a happy celebration and a rocking party.

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  1. Very well detailed out Anu. Post reading this, I too feel we can make Birthday celebrations fun & entertaining for kids. I would surely try these ways.

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